I had one of the best jobs in the Army as I do have to travel around Malaysia and Overseas on a regular basis. I was a Ammunition Technical Officer(ATO) and one of my task of an ATO is to inspect ammunition at various commands of units. I did traveled extensively all over Malaysia and even at the forward locations and “Black Areas” at the Malaysian – Thailand border during the “second emergency period”. (1970-1988) ( War against the communist insurgents of the Communist Party of Malaya)
Overseas Courses and Inspection
1983 Korea
I was selected by the Army to attend a course in the Republic of Korea in 1983with 3 other army officers . We were to be attached to private companies that were producing ammunition. We arrived in Seoul, Korea after spending in night in Hong Kong with a transit stop in Taipei. After arriving in Seoul we went down to Yeosu a fishing town located on south western part of Korea. After spending a month in Yeosu we then took the hovercraft from Yeosu to Pusan and then drove to Pohang where we stayed for 3 weeks. I did spend the last week of my stay in Korea at Pusan. From Pusan we took the train back to Seoul. After spending a few days is Seoul we flew back to Malaysia.
Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) I was nominated by the Army to inspect goods purchased by the Malaysian Army. I was accompanied by a Army colleague.( Capt Chong Kok Lim) The inspection was at Nurnberg in Bavarian part of West Germany . We traveled by Malaysian Airlines 747 -200 to London Heathrow and then to Colonge by a Lufthansa 727 aircraft.
From Frankfurt we drove down to Nurnberg where the inspection took place. After finishing the inspection we drove up to Colonge with stops at Rotenburg and Bonn. We left Colonge and spend a few nights in London before returning back to Kuala Lumpur.
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