March 27 2010

It was a cold morning,me and my travel buddy Norzaimi made our way to the LCCT KLIA. We boarded the Airbus at 4.00 am from Kuala Lumpur Central as our flight to Tianjin is at 8.30 in the morning. On arrival at the LCCT we managed to have breakfast before the check in. The flight took off on time. We had clear weather all the way and the flight was smooth. I managed to get some sleep as I did not sleep that previous night. My ritual for early flights as I did missed a few early flights before…….

The immigration clearance was smooth despite the number of passengers and with the immigration booths that were opened for “non citizens”. After the customs check we boarded the local bus to the Tianjin railway station that lasted us around thirty minutes.The bus stopped about two hundred meters from the railway station.We managed to get tickets on the High Speed Train that took only thirty five minutes for us to arrive at the Beijing railway station .It was a smooth ride and the max speed of the train that day was three hundred and twenty seven km/h. Arrived Beijing railway station around 5.30pm. Wondered around the station as i wanted to book tickets for us to Shanghai but did not managed to get the tickets as we could not find any ticket tellers that could speak English.We then decided to head towards our hostel which was located in the district of Chao Yang .We took the metro trains and after a couple of train changes we managed to find the hostel that we booked.(Sanlitun Hostel) After checking in the hostel we did managed to book the tickets to Shanghai and also a tour for the Great Wall the following day . Found that the train tickets to Shanghai would cost us RMB700 each which was more that we expected as the guide books mentioned that it was only RMB400…..sigh…..Slept early for the trip to the Great Wall of China

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