Slept soundly the night before and woke up to the cold of a typical Beijing spring morning. During breakfast we were joined by a young lady Kasia from Krakow Poland. We boarded the bus to Mutianyu ninety five kilometers to the north of Beijing. The trip took us about 2 1/2 hours. The Great Wall at Mutianyu is less crowded and has better architecture than the one in Badaling. This section of the Wall is covered with green of pines and cypresses. It has twenty two watchtowers average about 1km apart .The Mutianyu Wall is built of granite is twenty two km long and is around seven to eight meters in height with a width from four to five meters.We had to take a sky lift from the base of the hill to the Great Wall. Strolled along fourteen km along the Great Wall.

…. The feeling was great walking along the great wall. After learning about it when I was fourteen years old during history lessons in school. I am now at the GREAT WALL OF CHINA…one of the wonders of the World!!!! The walk was tiring for me as the gradient of the steps were becoming more and more acute.(the body has mature)We did spend about four hours at the Great Wall including lunch there. We toboggan down the hill of the Great Wall back to Mutianyu. A dream came true for me being at the GREAT WALL OF CHINA.

Upon reaching Beijing we noticed that we still had time to roam around. First stop was the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. As it was on the weekend it was full of tourist and the locals so we decided just to visit the Forbidden City for today. The queue was long but we managed to get in a quickie. Security was tight as our bags were x rayed before entering the Forbidden City and we were surrounded by hundreds of policemen stationed at every corner..We spend just over half an hour there as it was crowded and the queues everywhere were long presto we were out. We then walked to Wanjifung Street passing huge government buildings and a few five star hotels.

Wangfujing Street is a shopping district selling from cheap slippers to Gucci handbags. Along the street there are food stalls selling from seafood to unimaginable edible products to some. Enjoyable day.
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