After checking out and breakfast we took the packed Monday morning train to the Tiananmen Square. It was about thirteen degrees Celsius. We thought that the crowd would not be as big as yesterday. We were wrong..there was a seas of people….tourist and local alike….I stood there imagining what happen in the square when the pro democracy movement was at its height back in 1989.Thousands of students were on that square that day were surrounded by the Red Army backed by Soviet made tanks .History was made that moment of time. After strolling around the square for about a hour then we made our way to the Olympic Centre. The sight of the Birds Nest Stadium was awesome but missing were the te
ns of thousands of people and the excitement of the night of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.I could imagine the amount of excitement that happened during that night. Nearby the Birds Nest Stadium is the National Aquatic Centre commonly known as the Water Cube. Tiananmen Square, Olympic Park and where else to spend time in Beijing? The Beijing Zoo is our next stop. Due to the proximity of the Metro train stations we the decided to spend a few hours there as there was only one attraction that decided us to visit the Beijing Zoo. The PANDA BEAR!!!! After spending a couple of hours at the Beijing Zoo we then went back to Wang Fu Jing Street. We passed the food courts and still i didn’t have the guts to taste the grilled sheep penis. We then returned to the hostel had dinner and off were we to the Beijing Railway Station as we had a train to Shanghai to catch. Boarding our train at 7pm we then on our 10 hours train ride to Shanghai. Paris of the East!

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