Arrived KL Sentral at 6pm and met up with my buddy Zainal Azman who will

accompany me for the first few days on this trip. Actually we had no plans for this trip because we had to inspect certain goods for the Malaysian Defence University, as we had won an order from then to supply “the item”. Inspection was to be done in Poole, England.

Both of us took the KLIA bus from KL Sentral. We checked in for the flight via Amsterdam and then to London by bus and rail.

We arrived Schipol Airport at 5 am after a 12 hour flight. As we presented our passport to the immigration we were held back as the immigration officers were not satisfied with our traveling documents…well it was my fault as I put all the ongoing tickets to London in my backpack. After getting the documents we were allowed to proceed through.

We took the train from the airport to the Main Amsterdam Railway Station where the rush hour was at it’s peak. We had the whole day or what was left of the light hours of the day to spend in the Old Quarter of Amsterda

m as our bus to London was at 9.30 pm.

We then booked a cruise of the Amsterdam canals and tour the old quarter of Amsterdam town. After wandering around the town and dusk was approaching we decided to make our way to the bus station and wait for our bus to London. Our bus left on time………….

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