8 Dec 2010

Arrived at around 6 am at the Tallinn bus station and was still sleepy after the eight hours journey ride from Vilnius. I only remembered that the bus stopped at the Riga airport which was half way. It was snowing heavily and I did have my breakfast at the station and accessed the internet there. I then notice a advert about a hostel which was nearby. Hostel Tallinn (150m) . Spent time at the bus station and waiting for day break. It was about 9 am and I then decided to check into the hostel. The rates were eighteen Euros a night for a six dorm bed. Refreshed myself and started walking to the Tallinn Old Quarter. It took me about thirty minutes to reach the Old Town. Visited the Tourist Information centre and inquired information about the ferry to Helsinki and was given directions to the travel agent which I followed and even with a map I did got lost. ( twice so far this trip).The Old Town was different from Vilnius but I must say that I enjoyed getting lost here which I did and it turned out to be good for me. I ended up in Toompee area where the three towers was located . I did stop to have a hot mug of chocolate at a small coffee shop in one of the towers. It was on a hill and there I could enjoy the view of Tallinn. It was really awesome. I could view the Old City, the Tallinn port where I am suppose to catch the ferry tomorrow and the modern Tallinn. Managed to find the travel agent that I was referred too for the ferry trip to Helsinki which did cost me about thirty two Euros return. The Old Town is full of colourful buildings and flags and I did found out later that it is also the enclave of embassies and consulates of various countries.
Wondered through the old town again and managed to locate the Viru gate which is located in the section known as A linn (the lower town). It is the trendy and busiest part of the Old Town. After exiting the Old Town area I walked towards the port area as I wanted to know the location of the ferry terminal since I intend to walk there early tomorrow morning to catch the ferry. As I was walking towards the port I noticed that they are a lot of the typical cold looking Soviet type buildings.. a grim reminder for that era. After reaching the ferry terminal I walked back to the hostel and decided to have a early dinner. I stopped briefly at the bus station to book my bus ticket to Riga. As I was cooking in the hostel kitchen suddenly three uniformed men came in. It was the Police and Border Control personnel.They introduce themselves and they were very polite. They requested me to present my passport which I did. After going through my passport and asking me a few questions on my travels they left with a smile.They also even gave me some tips of where to travel in Estonia. I decided to call it a day as I was really tired and wanted a good night sleep as I have a early ferry to catch the next morning.

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