9 Dec 2010
Woke up early and the first thing that I noticed was the blizzard. My plan of walking to the ferry terminal was gone. After getting organized I then walked to the bus station and withdrew some cash. Took the taxi to the ferry terminal and boarded the MV Star which was a passenger and car ferry. The ferry took about two hours to reach the Port of Helsinki. Upon reaching the Helsinki west port I took the local bus to the city centre. It was the most expensive bus ride of my life.It cost me two euros and fifty cents for a trip that was less than 3 kilometres. The bus stopped in front of the Helsinki Train Station. The first thing that I did noticed about Helsinki is that it was a expensive city. I stopped at the Tourist Information Centre located in the railway station and inquired about the city day trip tour.There was one but it was about twenty five Euros for a two hours tour. I decided to give it a miss as the weather was cold but the sun was still shining. I then walked through the city streets and managed to visit some of the landmarks in Helsinki such as the Lutheren Cathedral or the Tuomiokirkko. There was a flea market in the square and the goods that were selling were mainly finnish based. I did managed to taste the local finish dish which was the Vendace fish..from the local lakes..It was fried and served hot with sour cream….enjoyed it. Cost seven euros. The Norra Esplanade is a nice place to be where you could see the ferries that serve the Helsinki Stockholm route. Enjoyed the view there. The weather was taking for the worse could see that the blizzard was starting. The snow was falling heavily and I started walking back to the bus station.My ferry was at 6 in the evening and i had to be on the five pm bus to the Helsinki port. I had to wait for that particular bus in the dark and also in a blizzard. Arrived the ferry terminal at 5.30pm and I got a surprise. There were a lot of passengers there at the terminal and then only I knew that I am going back to Tallinn on a cruise ship named Baltic Princess. Another first for me as it was my first time on a cruise ship but there was one thing that I did not like about this trip that it will take a longer time for me to reach Tallinn. It will take about 3 and a half hours. I felt hungry on board that night and went to all the restaurants on board the cruise ship and the prices of food were expensive so I ate the cheapest item on the menu which was a beef burger. Damage was fifteen euros. The seas were rough that night due to the blizzard and I found myself in one corner of the ship lying down. We docked at the Tallin Port right in the middle of a blizzard and I took a taxi back to the hostel which cost me another fifteen euros….a very expensive day for me but i guess the important thing is I did enjoyed the visit to Helsinki….Win some Lose some

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