10 Dec 2010

The blizzard was at it peak when I woke up in Tallinn and the first thought that was going through my mind was my bus trip to Riga that afternoon. I looked out the window and I could see snow blowing tractors and bulldozers were trying the clear the road of the snow. After packing up I just sat down in the hostel lounge as I could not even go out for a short walk. I then walked to the bus station and I hoped that the bus service to Riga wont be disrupted. Luckily for me the bus service to Riga was still operating and the bus ride was about 4 hours. Hopped on the bus and enjoyed the view until it was dark. We stopped at a town called Tartu to pick up passengers and I did have a cigarette break here.

Arrived Riga bus station at about 8 pm. After getting directions to the hostel from the tourist information centre at the bus stop I withdrew some cash from the ATM. I then walked to the hostel that I have booked earlier.(Elizebeth Hostel). The hostel was in a Soviet style apartment that was near the Riga Central train station. I was lucky again and had a whole room to myself. I then went out the the local supermarket to buy some bread for breakfast tomorrow.

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