11 Dec 2010

Woke up to a sunny morning despite the temperature was at minus 3 degrees. Organized myself and had my breakfast and started to walk to the Riga Old Town. Walking through Riga Old town is enjoyable if you are fascinated by buildings as yours truly. I cant stop amazing the architecture of buildings in this area.

I promised myself to get lost again .After the Old Town I walked to the Freedom Monument and it was really,really awesome with a capital A. It was in a park with ponds filled with ducks enjoying themselves in the freezing water. I just could imagine the sight there during spring time. Freedom Monument is one of Latvia’s national symbol and it was surprised that the Soviets never tore it down. The area around the freedom square is surrounded with colourful buildings and its also a diplomatic enclave. Got lost again and this time I had to ask for directions from locals and a Aussie guy did gave me directions to a particular area to view more awesome buildings. Yes he was spot on and my camera did not stop clicking until the battery fell flat…luckily I always carried spares.(lesson learned the hard way). Riga is awesome and I did stop walking until it was sunset. Visiting the Central Market was a good experience from me. The Central Market is just beside the Central Train station. It is a place that sells mostly in fresh foods and vegetables. They are also stalls outside the market that sells mainly contraband stuff and chocolates. I did had a steak at the shopping mall at the railway station for dinner which cost me a small fortune. I then retired for the night after truly a enjoyable day.

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