12 Dec 2010

It was the last day of my travels and the remaining days would be most spent in an airplane or at the airports. I did plan to take a short trip to Meza Park which was a forest park but due to the weather and time i decided to take a walk to the Central Market to buy something for my parents ie. Jam for my father and calender of cats for my mum. It was snowing heavily and I walked slowly to the Central Market. Got those items and went back to the hostel as the weather was really starting to get cold for me. I then checked out of the hostel and headed for the bus stop where I took the local bus to the airport. Was caught in a blizzard while waiting for the bus. Upon arriving at the airport I did notice an air museum that was beside the terminal building but alas as i found out that it was closed as it was a Sunday. Bought a lot of chocolates at the airport shops as I wanted to get rid of my remaining Latvian currency. The weather was bad and did not have any confidence that any planes that could land and take off. As I was in the plane I could see that the aircraft was under going deicing. I really enjoyed the flight as I could see the cities and towns along the flight path which was lighted up. There were two passengers who were caught smoking in the aircraft toilet during the flight. The plane landed at London Stansted Airport and the pilot requested us to be seated in order for the local police to apprehend the smokers.Most of the passengers cheered when the police hauled up the smokers. My plan was to go straight to Heathrow airport that night as my flight back to Kuala Lumpur via Colombo was the next morning. Airport Inn(airport seats) again but as I was approaching the Immigration counter my family friend Low phoned me and asked me to meet him in London that night. I then took the Easy Bus shuttle to London Bakers Street station and then took the tube to Gurvnsor square and my thoughts were right…… the casino again. Spend the whole night at the casino where Low bought me a nice steak for dinner and we stayed in the casino till the next day…lost 20 quid……
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