29 Nov 2010

The Whiz Air Airbus 320 took off at 8 am from London Luton. Was feeling tired after a nights sleep at the airport. The flight took us more than two hours. On the airplane’s descent to Zagreb airport I noticed that the whole country side was covered with snow, enjoyed the view from the aircraft then and was thinking how cold it might be. After passing immigration where we were asked a lot of questions pertaining to our stay in Croatia we then hopped on the bus to Zagreb which costs about 30 kuna each.(RM17).

After arriving at the bus station we took the local tram to the town centre,  As the tram was passing the railway station a lady suddenly asked me if i was getting down there.

She thought that the train station was my destination and I would miss my train. On arriving the town square we then made our way to our hostel. The hostel was Fulir Backpackers. It is located right in the heart of Zagreb town just 50 metres from the Trg Bana Jelacica Square. As it was winter the cost for one bed was 12 euros. After getting organized we then roamed around Zagreb town centre and did some window shopping as it was getting dark.

Dinner was just a packet of Brahims Kurma Ayam..cooked it with rice which I found in the left overs bay in the kitchen. It was left by the other backpackers who left the hostel days ago….rezeki…Slept the night away.

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