29 Nov 2010

Morning was roaming around Zagreb.The town centre is small and we just wonder around slowly around the old quarter of Zagreb.

There was a flea market near the Zagreb Cathederal. Love the facades of the buildings there. I then bought a sweater as I knew that I need it as my jacket was not good enough for the cold weather . I did expect it to be cold but not this cold. Blame it on global warming. After checking out of the hostel we then slowly walked to the Railway Station which was about 20 mins walk away. We passed through the alleys of Old Zagreb and I did enjoyed looking at every building along the way. We booked our train tickets and sat down outside the station looking at local people passing by and they might be looking at us too.The tickets to Ljubljana cost us 100 kunas(RM60) each. As we boarded the train the immigration officers came along and stamped our passports. They were very courteous and generally. Croatians are a friendly lot…asking us if we need assistance and very politely sales persons who wont smirk even there was no sale despite having showing us all their goods in their shops. Wonder if Malaysians sales persons could do the same..The landscape was filled with snow. Well its winter time but even the locals said that it was not suppose to be snowing heavily at this time of the year…..yeah el nino!! greenhouse effect!!! global warming!! call what ever you want it but I personally think that this is a serious problem now and in the future.Crops cant be harvested due to the change in weather..wonder how it would be like in a few years time if things are not checked out yet. The train stopped at the border town of Durbova and the immigration officers stepped up and check all out travelling documents and asked us a few questions for the purpose of us entering Slovenia. Passport stamped!. The landscape changed from flat terrain to hills and rivers ….looked awesome ..sometimes i think to myself if i came in the wrong season but anyway this trip was not planned for.

We had to be in London to apply for the export licence for the goods as we got the order at this time of the year. No complaints then. As Slovenia is part of the European Union prices of services and goods are going to be in EUROS!!!mmmm must be thrifty here. We arrived at Ljubljana (pronounced Lu Be Ya Na) at about 4 pm after a two hours train ride from Zagreb. Snow was here and there ..everywhere..lucky that I did buy the sweater in Zagreb. We then walked for 20 minutes to the hostel (Alibi Hostel) passing the Three Bridges Bridges (3 bridges parallel to each other) in the centre of Old Town. We had a couple of dorm mates one from Holland and one french lady . The Dutch guy was cycling all over Europe and was planning to cycle all the way to Zagreb.
Good Luck to him in this weather. As it was getting dark we just strolled along the river that divides the old town and managed to view some shops in a few departmental stores with a stop at the Railway Station in order to book our tickets to Venice the following night. The tickets cost us each twenty five euro each.

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