2 Dec 2010

Woke up to a filling breakfast served by a guy from Manila who has worked at the hotels for 3 years. Hmm …. always admired people from countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other African and Central American countries. I never did bumped into a Malaysian who works overseas in a non managerial position. Its true what was quoted by Ernest Hemingway …”Courage is grace under pressure”.

We walked back to the Milan Central and Zainal and me split ways he wanted to visit the San Siro Stadium home to both the two Milan football teams AC and Inter .. I could had followed him but to me visiting a stadium that is empty serve no purpose for me. I did started my walk around Milan and wandered through streets and it was full of designer stores…YSL,Hugo Boss,Zegna.Prada and of course stylish and beautiful women. There is also a rumour about the uniforms of the Milan police is designed and supplied by Hugo Boss!!nice…… The Ferarri Store was awesome . Located in a corner one can get a full view of the Ferarri Formula 1 car but it alas it was not for sale but the scaled model was ..

The sight of the Duomo was awesome..with its huge square that surrounds it and the shopping centres and museums around it and thousands of tourist and locals walking by.

…..awesome sight. I spend a few hours around the square visiting markets and museums and it was really worth it.

Had Kebabs at a Turkish restaurant for dinner and then rested at the hotel .

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