8 Aug 2010

It rained the whole day as we made plans to visit the Yangon fish market, Inya lake and take a cruise along the Yangon river. Well I woke up late and reached the fish market as the traders were packing up the fish to the various markets in Yangon and the surrounding areas. Well managed to walk through the market amid the pungent smell and the wet floors. Most of the catch were of estuary fishes such as patin, siakap and kerapu(groupa). We then took a taxi to Inya lake. It is the largest lake in Yangon. with a lot of restricted zones. Surrounding the lake are villas including one which Aung San Suu Kyi’s is living in and detained. It was a pity it was raining at that moment as the lake cruise was cancelled.
We wanted to take a river cruise along the Yangon river but the weather was not permitting so we decided to take a walk along Strand Street alongside the Yangon river. The Strand Hotel is on the street. This hotel is the oldest and famous in Yangon and was built by the Sarkis brothers in 1901. The same owners of the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang .The average room rate is USD300 per night. The other buildings along this street are the British Embassy, the General Post Office and the Yangon Port Offices. Those buildings mentioned are decaying but are remnants of the typical 19th century British colonial buildings.
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