9 Aug 2010

Checked out of the hostel late morning as there was nothing planned for the day except a visit to the Myanmar Military Museum. It was surprisingly one of the best military museums that I have ever visited. The other is the Imperial War Museum in London. It has exhibits of the three branches on the Myanmar Armed Forces. On the ground floor there are planes that were used by the Myanmar Air Force which includes my favorite, the Supermarine Spitfire. The Supermarine Sea Fire, the Dakota (DC 3) Sea Vampire, Bell 47 G, Sea Fury and others most ex Royal Air Force. The Bullet proof Rolls Royce of Gen Aun San was also on display but the only drawback as most of the military museums around the world is that cameras are not allowed to be taken in. Well the pictures are all embedded in me.
I did enjoy my trip to Yangon and would be missing the long yi wearing pedestrians, street vendors and its pungent smells. A return trip to Yangon ….maybe
I finish my blog with a quote by Rudyard Kipling on Burma
“This is Burma,
and it will be quite
unlike any land you
know about…”
Rudyard Kipling
Letters from the East
Took the flight back to Kuala Lumpur at 6pm
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