28 Feb 2011
Woke up to a nice breakfast and grab a taxi to the Philippines Air Force (PAF) Museum. The Museum is located at the Villamour Air Force base which is beside to the Manila International Airport. The Museum consist of two main areas which one is the indoor exhibition where one could see the uniforms and materials of the PAF and the outdoor exhibits consisted of static aircraft that were once used by the PAF. As I entered the building I could see a Mustang P 51 aircraft in the foyer. Photographs and materials of the transformation of the PAF from a propeller air force to a jet engines air force were very precisely documented and presented. The outdoor exhibits shows the types of planes used by the PAF. Among the exhibits were the Northrop F5A , F 86 Sabres , DC 3 Dakota and others

To be honest the museum was well kept and well exhibited with items pertaining to the PAF.

After spending time in the museum I took a taxi to the Vito Cruz LRT station and boarded the LRT to the United Nations Avenue station. After exiting the train I then took a short walk to Rizal Park and then to Intrmuros. I did enjoyed the facades of the buildings at Intermuros. Stopped for lunch at a hotel in Intermuros. After lunch I did walked along the streets of Ermita. I could see hundreds of people lining up applying for seafaring jobs at the corner of the National Library. Was feeling tired and I decided to go back to Makati to call it a day.

That night I had sea food dinner with a friend at the Mall of Asia located at the Bay of Manila and after that I managed to watch the EPL match between my beloved Man City and Fulham on the streets of Burgos over coffee which ended up in a draw. Typical City !!!!.

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