Thessaloniki Sea Front Promenade

30 Oct 2011

As the bus arrived at the Main Bus Station in Thessaloniki I felt some sense of pride in  as I managed to overcome the “obstacles” that I faced today. Mistakes made and lessons learned the hard way. Good experience indeed. Adventures wanted and Adventures achieved.

Aristotelous Square

Managed to catch the bus to the city center. As the bus was at the outskirts of the city center I noticed that the city was not properly maintained. I could see that there was a lot of uncut grass and trees that were not pruned. I assumed that the financial scandal that rocked Greece was indeed a reality. But when the bus was approaching the city center the assumption changed as I could see a clean and vibrant city. The bus arrived at the Aristotelous square which was the stop that was recommended to me by a fellow passenger on the bus. As I alighted what I saw was the huge Mediterranean sea that was calm emerald blue. What happened earlier today was totally erased from my mind. I just sat at the promenade which ran for miles and just gazed towards the Mediterranean Sea. My mind was at peace at that moment and I also enjoyed a few puffs with a Euro 2.5 Coke Light.

Sunset @ the Mediterranean sea

As it was a beautiful Sunday evening, the promenade was full of people. The restaurants and pubs which were beside the promenade was full with trendy people having drinks and enjoying themselves… I did not see any effects of the financial scandal here. Walked towards  the eastern part of the promenade where the White Tower is located . It was built during the Ottoman empire. Little that I know that the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in Thessaloniki when it was called Saloniki. I took a boat trip around the Thessaloniki port for about an hour. Managed to find myself a cheap hotel Euros 25 along the only two lane road in the city which is the Egnatia Street. The locals here are passionate over football and when I was having dinner their local team was playing and it was shown live over the tube. Emotions ran high when Aris FC were losing by three goals to nil . After dinner I walked along the promenade stopping along the way for some ice cream and appreciating the wonderful view of the Mediterranean sea at night.


What a day I had…..Alhamdullilah………..


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