Milan Airport

31 Oct 2011

I was enjoying the view of the Balkans from the aircraft. I could recognize the outline of the coast of Montenegro and Croatia as I had been looking at it countless of times on Google maps while preparing for this trip . I saw the small cove that mesmerize me while passing through it on the run down local bus from the town of Igalo to Podgorica. Insyaallah hopefully I would return and spend a few days there.The problems at the Croatian entry point etc etc etc also came to my mind. I laughed quietly to myself…..

“Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen” this is the Captain speaking …. We are now passing the town of Dubrovnik at an altitude of thirty three thousand feet and crusing at a speed of five hundred miles and hour. The weather at Milan is clear with a ground temperature of 21 degrees Celsius . Informing you that due to the heavy air traffic over Milan we are only cleared to land at 13.20 local time which is twenty minutes past our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) . Thank you and I do hope you will enjoy the rest of your flight…… Yeah right…. the announcement really did spoiled the rest of my flight.It really did …. Now I have only twenty five minutes to catch my bus to Genoa. I began calculating the time of the aircraft to taxi , luggage control and also at the Immigration control etc etc etc ………

The plane did land at the mentioned time and it took a while for the aircraft stairs to arrive. When I noticed that there were two mobile aircraft stairs were on the way to the plane I quickly rushed to the back exit to be the first to disembark. Maybe there is still a chance for me to catch the bus to Genoa. I maybe the first passenger to exit from the back exit but it took a while for the other passengers to board the bus that was taking us to the airport terminal. I missed my bus.

Ok Ok dont panic…. I took the shuttle bus from the Milan Malpensa airport to Milan Central where I know that I could take the train to Genoa. Along the way to Milan Central I saw a big sign with the word Genoa on it…. It was really a painful sight…. Reached Milan Central and bought the ticket and I just had only an hour of waiting time for the train to depart.Tried to withdraw some Euros using the ATM but the transaction could not go through. The reason that I had to be in Genoa is because my next planned destination was the town of Nice in the French Rivera on my way to Monaco. Its cheaper than staying in Monaco where it is one of my dream destinations since been hooked to the Formula 1 races. I booked the train ride from Genoa to the Italian border town of Ventimiglia on the internet a few weeks back. From there a train to Nice. A simple plan. Now its not.

I arrived in Genoa with about three hours to spare before catching the train to Ventimiglia.

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