Waiting for the Airport Bus Thessaloniki

31 Oct 2011

I had an early morning as I planned to walk around the city before leaving for the Airport. It was an early morning flight and I had just a couple of hours to walk around the city. I left the hotel at 6 am and continued walking to the promenade just to breathe the morning sea air. It was a wonderful experience as no one was there … the whole promenade to myself and I did pollute the fresh and crisp air a bit it by having a few puffs.

Early Morning Bread Vendor

What are they doing there?

Wandered around the promenade area and bumped into a morning market. Was lost for a few minutes. I had to say goodbye to Thessaloniki and I wished I could spend more time exploring the old town of Thessaloniki that was situated by the hillsides of the city. I checked out of my hotel and waited for the express bus to the airport. The bus ride was about forty minutes and as I arrived I noticed the check in counter for my flight to Milan was still closed. Hmmmm …..

Ice Cream @ the airport

The flight to Milan took off on time and I hoped that I would be on time to catch my bus to Genoa from the Milan Malpensa airport.

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