2 Nov 2011

Aix de Provence Town center

The effects of last nights dinner took its toll as I was feeling lazy in waking up early … no complaints here as the food and the bed last night was totally different than those I had for the past two weeks. I walked downstairs and there was the Nasi Lemak with fried chicken plus the prized sambal that was on the breakfast table. How can I say NO to that. The thought of eating food in Europe with your hands was unthinkable but this was more than I bargained for. Razip left for his office and his three sons took me out for a day checking out Aix de Provence (Aix). We hopped on the local bus which took us about twenty minutes to reach the town of Aix and I noticed that it was a quiet one. As we were venturing around Aix it started to rain and we sheltered along the old buildings that were converted into shops. There were also shopping malls that sold branded goods. ……
Dinner with Razif … Home cooked food at last

Aix de Provence Town

We stopped for a kebab lunch as there were a few restaurants that served halal food . After spending a few hours we went back to the house as the weather was not that favourable to do any more sightseeing . It was the first time that I encountered rain on this trip. In the evening I accompanied Razip and his wife to do some grocery shopping and stopped by the houses of his superior and his subordinate where there were Malaysian food ready, that was really missed by Yours Truly….It was a wonderful day and a filling one too. Can’t ask for more…..

To Lt Kol Razip and family .. I would like to thank all of you for the time in Aix de Provence. I had a really nice time! Merci!

Pictures http://thefakawitraveller.smugmug.com/Travel/Aix-En-Provence-2011/19982963_SNTfgQ#1574302573_nZRzxMW

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