1 Nov 2011

The reason that I chose Cannes over Nice was that Cannes was smaller than Nice and I would have time covering most of Cannes but I was wrong. As I reached the Cannes railway station, it was full of Police, French Commandos, sniffer dogs etc, etc and anything which had to do with top level security. I dropped by the Cannes Tourist Office and requested for a map which I received with a briefing by the staff. I was not permitted to enter a few main areas of the town because the G20 meeting was held there. On the map given they colored the areas where I was permitted to enter. Of all days to visit Cannes…….

Cannes Marina

After I bought my ticket to Aix de Provence later in the evening I walked around the permitted area which included the Cannes Marina and also the square beside it. Well I took the opportunity of walking along the Marina, stopping by the square and watched locals and tourists having fun playing the french game of Petanque. The French version of lawn bowls. Had a drink at the square and I was off venturing the remaining areas of Cannes where I was permitted to enter. Ok….sometimes things were meant to be. Waited for the train to Aix de Provence and it turned out to be a TGV train. No wonder the ticket was expensive.


The train arrived at Aix de Provence after two stops which included Touloun. On arrival I called my college mate Lt. Kol Razip of the Royal Malaysian Air Force who is on attachment at an aviation manufacturer based in Aix . He picked me up and we went to his house where I would spend a couple of nights there. On arrival, dinner was already prepared by his wife Shikin.  It was nice to have home cooked food after days on the road and also a warm bed.  Slept really tight that night.

Pictures Menton to Cannes

Pictures Cannes

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