Menton Beach

1 Nov 2011

I arrived at the hotel and requested a late check out at 12.30 pm but the receptionist replied that 12.30 pm was not possible but 1pm was and he smiled. I replied with a warm thank you. My day was getting better. Started walking around Menton which is nicknamed “la perle de la France”.(The Pearl of France).

Remembrance Day Ceremony

There are quite a number of attractions in Menton such as the Jean Cocteau Museum  (Jean Cocteau was a famous french artist),  the surrounding beaches which look awesome and of course the Casino. As I was walking down the beach I suddenly heard the French national anthem the ” La Marseillaise” being played.  It turned out to be a small remembrance day for fallen french soldiers that were killed during the World Wars and other confrontations that the French was involved. There was a lot to be mentioned! The Mayor of Menton was also present at the ceremony. I walked all way to the Port of Menton and I liked watching the local people and tourists enjoying themselves on the beach or at the small restaurants on the promenade. They really know how to enjoy life.


I stopped at the nearest McDonalds for lunch after visiting the local market that sold  dairy and meat products. Walked slowly back to the hotel,  passed the Menton Casino where luxury cars were parked outside. Was really tempted to drop in but I really had to catch the train to Cannes which was my next destination


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