Waiting for the bus to El Pratt Airport Barcelona

5 Nov 2011

I walked to the Plaza de Catalunya from the hostel which took me about ten minutes. On arrival I found that the Airport bus stand was full of people. I thought being early would get me on the first bus. I did get the third one though. On arrival at the El Pratt airport the Qatar Airways check in counter was not opened yet and I had my breakfast and also bought some souvenirs using my last available Euros. I was the first to check in as I hate waiting in the long queue and I was right. The flight was full.

The flight took off on time and as the plane was climbing I looked down and I could see Barcelona and the towns that were close to it. I looked back on the trip that I made and made a wish that I could visit all of the places again. The Qatar Airways in-flight service was first class even as I was sitting in the Economy Class. No wonder they were voted the Airline of the Year by several travel magazines.

The plane landed on time since the transit period was short.  Kuala Lumpur bound passengers were given the priority during the security checks while entering the Qatar International Airport Terminal. Despite that, the flight to Kuala Lumpur was delayed as many passengers from other delayed flights to Kuala Lumpur were late in checking in.

The flight to Kuala Lumpur took off after an hour delay.

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