Corregidor Island , Philippines

2011 has been a kind year for my travels. I started with a short trip to the Philippines which included visiting Corregidor Island which was one of my childhood dream destination as I am a military history buff since schooldays. I reached my goal of visiting all the 10 ASEAN (Association South East Asia Nations) countries. I do hope that Timur Timur would be accepted as a member and I do have a reason to visit.

Next was my trip to Europe visiting Portugal, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo,  Greece, Italy, Monaco and France.

Lisbon , Portugal

Barcelona , Spain

Bucharest , Romania

Sofia , Bulgaria

Tirana , Albania

Podgorica , Montenegro

Sarajevo , Bosnia

Pristine , Kosovo

Thessalonaki , Grecce

Genoa , Italy

Monaco , Monte Carlo

Cannes , France

To all my Friends in The Fakawi Traveller.Com I would like to thank you for the support that all of you had given. Insyallah (God Willing) the year 2012 would be a very prosperous year for all of us. Amin

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