Manong Town

20 Dec 2011

It was a days trip to have a “Durian Feast” at a plantation owned by one of my seniors during my Boy’s Wing Royal Military College days.The plantation is located in Manong,  a small and sleepy town by the banks of Sungai Perak (Perak River) in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The convoy of five cars from Kuala Lumpur met up at the Simpang Pulai Toll Plaza. We were then met by one of the organizers for this Durian Feast OP * Anuar Mayo who led the way to Manong bypassing small towns like Batu Gajah and Parit.

The Eating Party

Sungai Perak (Perak River)

Durian Fruits

On arrival at Manong we were greeted by the owner of the plantation who is OP Zainal who led us to the plantation. The durians on the trees were a welcome sight. We started picking the durians that were strewn on the ground. We could afford to be picky in choosing only the fresh durians that is recognizable by the colour of the durian stem. The lighter the colour,  the fresher the fruit. The feast started and some of us were lucky as we had the fruits that have just fallen from the trees…really fresh ones.

On the way to the Plantation

Collecting the Durians

Dipping in the nearby stream

There was more……. the sight of the Pulut (glutinous rice) and the Bubur Durian (Durian Porridge) which was prepared by OP Zainal’s wife Salina was welcoming. After the feast some of us had a dip in the small stream that passed through the plantation. I left Manong full of unwanted cholesterol at around 4 pm heading towards the Royal Town Of Kuala Kangsar passing the small town of Jerlun.  I found out that Kuala Kangsar does have a golf course. I made a short stop at Ipoh for a quick dinner at the Gunung Rapat Mc Donalds.

The perfect host OP Zainal and wife Salina

Pulut (glutinous rice) and the Bubur Durian (Durian Porridge)

On my way back to Kuala Lumpur using the North South Highway it rained heavily and it made me slow down on my driving plus felt a bit sleepy due to the durians . I reached Kuala Lumpur at 10 pm and slept on a heavy stomach full of durians… I can’t blame anyone tho….

I would like to thank the perfect host OP Zainal and his wife Salina, OP Anuar and all the OPs and families that made the trip a day to remember..

Serve to Lead…

* OP….. A current student of RMC is known as a Present Putera, while a graduate of the institution is known as an Old Putera or “OP” in short. The term Putera, literally meaning prince in Malay, is attributed to the RMC’s royal status.

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