Kuala Besut Jetty

 There is a myth that the Besut district changed ‘ownership’ from the state of Kelantan to Terengganu over a cock fight. Whether it’s a myth or it is true, do ask the locals and they will give a version of the story. Kuala Besut is a small town in the district of Besut and its the POINT where people take the ferry or boats to the Perhentian Islands vice versa….

Sungai Besut Estuary @ high tide

Kampung Kuala Besut  is situated at the mouth of the Sungai Besut (Besut River) and it is full of pre war shophouses. It is 50kms from Kota Baru and 110 kms from Kuala Terengganu. I was there as I was on my way to the Perhentian Islands. I spent 30 minutes there when I came back from the Perhentian Islands. Walked around the town which took me 15 minutes and managed to snap a few pictures of the town….and I really did enjoyed the sights of the buildings around Kampung Kuala Besut.

Kampung Kuala Besut Mosque
Kampung Kuala Besut Main Road
Shophouses –  Kampung Kuala Besut
Tourist Terminal to Pulau Perhentian , Kuala Besut Jetty
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