Sungai Pahang (Pahang River)

I spent the first day of July out of Kuala Lumpur (at last). It was the first time in seven months that I did not see the Petronas Twin Towers on a daily basis and I was accompanied by my two nephews on this day trip. We left Kuala Lumpur and headed to the town of Termerloh in the state of Pahang. The journey took us 2 hours with me driving conservatively, which by the way is my nature.

Termerloh Bus Terminal

 Temerloh town is situated by the banks of the Pahang and the Semantan River and it boasts as being the town that is located in the centre of the Malaysian  peninsular with its old part of the town has some colonial buildings and pre-war shop houses.

Ikan Patin Gulai Tempoyak

I started my visit to Temerloh  with lunch which consisted of the Patin fish (Silvercatfish) and Tempoyak (Fermenated Durian paste) at the riverside stalls by the banks of the Pahang river. Temerloh is also rich and famous for its freshwater fishes i.e. Patin, Jelawat, Talaipia and Lampan just to name a few. The locals have special dishes to bring out the finest taste of the fishes. As it was a Sunday, the Sunday Bazaar or “Pekan Sehari” was held where fruits and delicacies are available.

Lunch Before
Lunch After
Pekan Sehari

After lunch and with a full stomach we went to the Kampung Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre which is about 35 km away from Temerloh.

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