Goldsmiths @ Pasar Payang

Pasar Besar Payang (Payang Market) sits by the banks of Sungai Terengganu. It is a 2 storey building where the ground floor consists of the wet and dry markets and even jewellery shops. The top floor has a food court and also has shops that sells Songket and Batiks materials ….some stores do accept credit cards too.

Wet Market @ Pasar Payang
Keropok ( Crackers ) stall @ Pasar Payang
Serunding (Beef Floss) @ Pasar Payang
Cooking Utensils @ Pasar Payang
Songket and Batik @ Pasar Payang

Durians @ Pasar Payang
Terengganu Durians @ Pasar Payang
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