Still sleepy @ the rest area

 I was in dream land as soon as the bus left Trabzone and I woke up at one of the selected rest areas before the town of Kars. It was about 8 p.m in the morning and I just  did manage to refresh myself at the rest area.The journey to Kars which is a town full of historical places nearby it took just over an hour. It was just a brief stop to off load passengers and also to pick up new ones.

 Locals trying to fit the goods in the trunk @ Kars Bus Station

 In front of Kars Bus Station
Villages on the way to Igdir
On the way to Igdir
Approaching Igdir with Azerbaijan in the background
The road to Igdir was winding passing vast empty grass land filled with stones. A ex Army friend told me that the Malaysian troops did train in Igdir before their stint in Bosnia under the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. Now I knew how tough  their training was as it was just empty barren land and the nearest town was a few hours away by road. Well they were paid good allowances ..cant complain though ……
Igdir Bus Station

@ Igdir Bus Station 
With the locals @ Igdir Bus Station
The Turkish Genocide Monument , Igdir
We arrived Igdir bus station which was located a few kilometres from the town. Another surprise for us….there were no bus services to Iran from Igdir …. never trust the postings from Internet …. twice now. The bus operators told us we could get to the Iranian border checkpoint at the town of Dogubayazit which was only 30 minutes by bus from Igdir. The next bus service from Igdir to Dogubayazit was in two hours time. Not that bad I guess. We were given tea by the bus operators at the station …gratis as they find foreigners hard to come by at the station. We chatted with the locals at the bus stations and made a few friends. There were a few buses to Nakachivan a town at nearby Azerbaijan but to enter Azerbaijan we needed a Visa . The thought of visiting Azerbaijan was dashed………..

Stunning Mount Ararat

We took a small van to Dogubayazit  and by passing Mount Ararat.It was an awesome feeling.It was covered with clouds with its snow filled peak. It was believed that the Ark of Prophet Musa ( Moses ) is there after the great floods. In fact I learnt that there is a Japanese team on the mountain at the moment looking for it.

Main street Dogubayazit.

Watching the world go by @ Dogubayazit Town Centre.

Our Hotel @ Dogubayazit 
Fruits Vendor Dogubayazit 
Dogubayazit  main street early evening
Dogubayazit @ night

We arrived Dogubayazit and decided to spend a night there before passing through the Iranian Border Checkpoint. We found a small hotel and refeshed ourselves after 26 hours of traveling. Dato Wan Zali and Hassan took a rest while I went around the town of Dogubayazit. I did it in only 15 minutes …….The three of us took a walk around Dogubayazit in the evening and had dinner at a kebab restaurant. We then sat down by the benches at the town centre, people gazing with a cup of chai (Turkish tea) in our hands watching the world go by. All of us had an early night’s sleep as we had to catch the mini van to the Iranian border early next morning.

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