Rest stop @ Toka.

I have lost count of how many times I have been spending nights in a bus on this trip…yes another wake up call at a rest area. I think that I have missed a lot of them while I  was dead to the world, asleep, while the bus was traveling on the highway. This time it was at a rest area before the town  Tokat. A police officer that we met on the bus was kind enough to treat us with the traditional cup of “chai” (tea). I managed to find an apricot for breakfast that was in my small backpack . Sigh again ……

 On the way to Ankara.

@ Corum bus station, Corum.
Pilgrims and well wishers at Corum bus station
Vendor @ the Corum bus station.

The bus then made a brief stop @ Tokat bus station picked up passengers and drove on until the town of Corum. At the Corum bus station we were asked to disembark as we were transferred to a mini van that would take us to Ankara. I do admire the bus system in Turkey where the timings and coordination were prioritised  for the passenger’s comfort and convenience. At the Corum bus station, there were a lot of people there as most of them were well wishers wishing farewell to pilgrims who were on their way to Mecca to perform the Haj.

On the road to Ankara.

In the minivan to Ankara.

Our Hotel in Ulus, Ankara.
Ankara from the hotel balcony.
Ankara @ night.

As we reached Ankara bus station around noon, we then called the Malaysian Embassy in Istanbul requesting some advice on our predicament. Later, with a recommendation by an operator of a phone shop, we took a taxi to the township of Ulus where there were a lot of budget hotels located there. We managed to find a hotel and after checking in we rested for the day and started planning our next move.

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