Airman Statue
This little gem of a museum is located at the Adisucipto Air Base near the Yogyarkarta International Airport  and it was a pleasant surprise for me.  Simple, well maintained, informative enough,  the  exhibits of this museum are from different eras since the inception of the Indonesian Air Force, World War II, the Indonesian Independence struggle, the Soviet era, the undeclared clandestine missions right up to the modernisation of the Indonesian Air Force. Entry is Rupiah 3,000 (1USD) and they do welcome donations.
M 1625 Tupolev Badger TU 16 KS1

Museum foyer.

Surface Air Missle (SAM).
A4 Skyhawk.

Museum entrance.
Uniforms exhibits.
Indonesian map.
Lavochkin LA – 11.
Mitsubishi Zero.
North American B 25 Mitchell.
Mikoyan Gurvich M 15 

Boeing Stearman PT-31D Kaydet

Surface to Air Missile (SAM)

Consolidated PBY 5A Catalina
Anti Ship Missile 

Plaque signed by President Soekarno.
M 26 5 Douglas Invader 

Mikoyan Gurevich M 19 F

Mikoyan Gurevich M 17 F

Mikoyan Gurevich M 21 F

Sirkorsky UH – 34 D Seahorse

Aero L 29 Delfin
CAC Sabre 
Mitsubishi Ki 43 II Hayabusa H – 45

Lockheed Jet Star

Anti Aircraft Guns 

Lockheed T 33
DC 47 A Skytrain

North American OV-10F Bronco

I spent around 2 hours at the museum and really enjoyed every minute of it as some of the exhibits were only photographs to me since childhood. It was really a worthwhile visit to the Museum as it was the main reason that I visited Yogyakarta … Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) for this moment and opportunity.
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