Fakawi Traveller @ Jalan Malioboro
Woke up to a gloomy Monday morning. The skies were dark and it looked more than likely that it was going to rain. I got organized and walked along the Malioboro Road and it was not as busy as the day before. The streams of people that were in the thousands yesterday were gone, replaced by hundreds of ‘becas’ (rickshaws) waiting for passengers, lining the side of the Malioboro Road. The loud haggling voices of people trying to get the price was missing and also the whistle of the traffic police was non-existent too.

Entrance of the Fort Vredburg Museum.
Independence Monument @ Fort Vredburg Museum.
Gedung Agung 

The first stop was the Fort Vredburg Museum where the fort served as the Dutch Colonial Forces headquarters during colonial times, military headquarters and prison for the Japanese Army during the second World War and Indonesian Army after Indonesia’s independence. It was only turned as a Museum only in the early ’90s. The Museum is located near the 0 km mark in Jogjakarta. As I was about to enter the Museum, I noticed that the TUTUP ( Closed) sign was on the main gate entrance of the Museum. The security guards informed me that the Museum is always closed on a Monday. Shoot !! I hoped not all the places of interest that I was planning to visit is closed for the day ………..

Across the Vredburg Museum is the Gedung Agung which is one of the six presidential palaces of Indonesia and it once served as President Soekarno’s residence when Jogjakarta was the capital of Indonesia during the Indonesian War of Independence.

BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) building, Jogjakarta.
BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) building, Jogjakarta.

Grafitti elephant statues.
0 KM Jogjakarta 

 Kraton Ngayogyarkarta Hadiningrat.
Entrance of the  Kraton Ngayogyarkarta Hadiningrat.

 Kraton Ngayogyarkarta Hadiningrat

I started walking towards the ‘Kraton Ngayogyarkarta Hadiningrat ‘ and looked at the skies which looked like it would  burst at any moment.  ‘Kraton Ngayogyarkarta Hadiningrat is a palace where the then Sultan of Yogyakarta resided. It was built in 1756 and now serves as a cultural centre for the Javanese people and also a museum where it exhibits the Sultanate artifacts. It also offers cultural performances on a daily basis to the public on a paying basis. As I was walking towards the Taman Sari which is a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta, the skies burst into a heavy thunderstorm and luckily for me a beca came to my rescue and brought me back to Jalan Malioboro. I took refuge in the Malioboro Mall which is the up market shopping complex where I had my lunch at the nearby McDonalds.

Wet day @ Jalan Malioboro
Wet day @ Jalan Malioboro
Inna Garuda Hotel
After lunch, feeling humid and sweaty, I decided to return to the hotel to refresh and to take a short nap as there was no point continuing as it was still raining. The short nap did me wonders as I was refreshed and took a beca back to Jalan Malioboro. I stopped at Hotel Inna Garuda, a legendary hotel in Yogyakarta, built in 1908 for the Dutch colonial masters to have tea there. What Savoy Hotel is to London, Raffles Hotel to Singapore  Waldof Astoria Hotel to New York, it is the same as what Inna Garuda Hotel means to Yogyarkarta.
Bayan Trees @ Alun Alun Selatan ( South Square Yogyakarta )
Lighted pedal cars @ Alun Alun Selatan

Lighted pedal cars @ Alun Alun Selatan

Food Stalls @ Alun Alun Selatan
After tea, I was on a beca again heading towards a square called Alun Alun Selatan ( South Square ). One of the characteristics that signifies a town square in Java is in a form of a large field surrounded by bayan trees in the middle of the field. One of them is in Yogyakarta which is the Alun Alun Selatan. The South Square historically symbolises the sacred unity between the palace and the subjects who live around the square. Currently, the South Square has become a community recreation area where locals, university students spend the evenings with the tourists, enjoying walks, spending time driving pedal lighted cars and also enjoying meals with various kinds of local delicacies. I really enjoyed myself people watching over there as I could see them contented and enjoying themselves with what they have.
Malioboro @ Night 
Lucifer Club @ Malioboro.
Kopi (Coffee) Jos.
Food stalls along Malioboro.
My supper at Malioboro 
Hopped on a beca to where the Jalan Malioboro area has begun to come alive again with streams of locals and tourists swarming the area. I planned to check out the nightlife but it was still early and decided to check out the shops at the Malioboro Mall. The Mall is full of fast food joints and western branded clothing stores. I managed to find a club that has a live band playing western and local music ……after two diet cokes I started walking back to the hotel, stopping for supper at a road side food stall  which consisted of packed rice with chillies. fried tofu, tempe ( fried fermented soya bean cake) and Yogyarkarta’s signature coffee Jos…coffee dipped with charcoal and I had a hard time snoozing  that night      🙂

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