Ruins of St. Paul, Macau.
Woke up early, organised myself and checked out of the hotel as I had the ferry to catch. I took the MRT and after a change of trains I found myself at the ferry terminal. Bought the ferry ticket and boarded the half empty ferry for an hour’s journey to Macau. On arrival at a different terminal from the one four days ago, I withdrew some Macau Paleta from the nearby ATM  for my use for the days’ expenses. I found out that the Hong Kong Dollars were more than accepted in Macau.
Ferry ticket to Macau.
Ferry to Macau.
Rickshaw ride tour around Macau.
Start of Macau tour.
Macau Grand Prix starting point.
The Sands Casino.

Rickshaw tour guide.
Old Lisboa Casino.
Macau skyline.

The Macau Tower.

New Lisboa Casino.
As I exited the immigration complex the usual sounds of taxi and also rickshaw drivers were heard. With just little information from the internet I was like a sheep in a wolf’s den…awaiting to be skinned by them. A few of them approached me and after some haggling and playing hard ball I agreed with the price by one of them. It was still steep but after considering Macau as the playground for high stakes rollers, I just ignored the price.
I hired a rickshaw tour for two hours around Macau and I noticed for the first twenty minutes there was a casino for every two buildings that I passed. On the first thought I wanted to enter one to play a few rounds of roulette but after thinking back it’s not something new to me. Been there, done that kinda of thing. In fact I was very surprised with myself for not patronising a casino. 
Macau government building.
Millionare’s Row.
Sir Stanley Ho’s residence, Macau.
Chinese Temple, Macau.
Old Macau wharf building.
Old City, Macau.

Old Macau quarters.
Entering Macau’s Old Quarter.

Residence Block @ Old Macau Quarter.
Post Office Box @ Old Quarter Macau.

Macau Town Square.

Macau town alleyways.

Macau town alleyways.
The Fakawi Traveller @ the St Paul Ruins, Macau.
The rickshaw tour took me around Macau passing the casino area, the Macau tower where it is the highest bungee jumping point in the world, the affluent district where Sir Stanley Ho’s house is located, according to the rickshaw driver, the old quarter, port area and the town centre. 
My tour ended at the town centre where of course the world famous St. Paul’s ruins is located. Spent more than an hour walking along the town centre before taking a expensive taxi back to the airport where I would be taking a flight back to Kuala Lumpur. The four short days were enjoyable ones despite the non stop heavy rains in Hong Kong …. felt blessed … Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) …

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