Sri Lankan Parliament Building, Colombo.

Why Sri Lanka? The main reason?  I was offered a “ZERO” points ticket by Air Asia BIG loyalty program despite having enough “BIG” points for the normal flight ticket. Cheap traveller ? Nah! Just getting the best of the deals that were offered on the table. The second reason was that Sri Lanka is one of the two countries where one could SWIM with the whales legally … the other is Tonga which is located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean basin and the third was the visit to the Sri Lankan Air Force Museum where I last visited back in 2012 and which on that very day that I visited the museum, it was also on a museum ” Open Day ” where there were thousands of visiting school children and their parents at the museum which resulted in yours truly not able to get a single photograph of the museum exhibits without school children crowding the exhibits. I promised myself that the next time that I wanted to visit this museum again it should be on a non public holiday weekday …This, my third visit to Sri Lanka as with the previous visits were just  a day long transit on my way to London back in 2010 and from Oman in 2012 on my way back to Kuala Lumpur.

After passing through the CIQ procedures I noticed that that the bus service to Colombo was more organised than my previous visits. Instead of getting a bus from the airport  to a local station where I had to get the bus to Colombo there was now a direct bus service to Colombo using the new highway. I enjoyed the  bus drive to Colombo instead of the regular bus service that stops at every bus stop along the way and using the busy, dusty and dreadful old trunk road.

Colombo “Fort” Railway Station 
The Mount Lavina beach and Mount Lavina Hotel
Colombo Casino 
I arrived at the Colombo bus station which is in near proximity with the Colombo “Fort” Railway Station  that was crowded at its peak. Braving the crowds I managed to get myself an expensive  “Tuk Tuk” ride to my lodging house which was located in the Mount Lavina area which is fifteen kilometers away. The grand old dame “The Mount Lavina” hotel is also  located in the area. It is situated by the beach front which was crowded with the western tourists in skimpy beach wear patronising the cafes and bars that was located by the beach front. At a nearby restaurant I got myself acquainted with a lady from Seychelles who was having her dinner there. We both agreed to spend the remainder of the night at a Colombo casino. We spent  just a couple of hours at the casino as the lady had an early flight back home the next day. 
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