Pulau Mansinam ( Mansinam Island ) 

Manokwari is just a forty-five minute flight from  Sorong. As like in Sorong, when the aircraft starts it’s descent for landing one could view the clear island turquoise water that separates from the ocean blue waters. An awesome sight !!! The aircraft, a Garuda Indonesia Airlines CJ 100 Bombardier made an inch perfect landing and stopped within a few metres of the runway left to spare. ..

Aerial view of Pulau Mansinam 
Pulau Mansinam (Mansinam Island)
Out at sea @ Pulau Mansinam

Around Pulau Mansinam

Village @ Pulau Mansinam

Water Taxi @ Pulau Mansinam

Signs @ Pulau Mansinam

Stall @ Pulau Mansinam

Pulau Mansinam

Private Beach @ Pulau Mansinam

Private Beach @ Pulau Mansinam
 Pulau Mansinam

Private Beach @ Pulau Mansinam
I was a bit busy for the first couple of days and decided to extend my stay in Manokwari for another day where I took a day off to enjoy the crystal azure waters of Pulau Mansinam (Mansinam Island). The island is inhabited with a small village and has a Rio styled Christ statue in the middle of the island.  Pulau Mansinam was the settlement of two German missionaries back in 1855 where they started to spread Christianity in Papua. I took a rigger ride around the island and stopped at a secluded beach where  I had the whole beach to myself and had time to snorkel.

Manokwari Town with the Arfak Mountains ( Background )

There is also the Arfak mountains near Manokwari where hundreds of bird species could be found including the Bird of Paradise that is the symbol and shape of the whole Papua Island. One of the unique laws of Manokwari Town is that alcohol is forbidden from being sold at all public premises which includes hotels and restaurants and with this law according to the local residents, Manokwari has become more peaceful than before despite the illegal sales of alcohol that are known to a few individuals.

The extra day that I took did me wonders … recharging batteries to the body that had survived four landings and take-offs including transiting at three airports at the late hours of the night and in the wee hours of the morning. Heading back to Kuala Lumpur with a few planned extra nights transit in Sulawesi

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