Sunrise at Mahebourg, Mauritius.

I didn’t sleep well as the strong winds were crashing against the sliding glass door  that separates the room and the hotel garden (ground floor) but I woke up to an early morning to enjoy the sunrise for a few minutes but then it was blocked by dark clouds that were looming on the horizon. The weather was still gloomy because it rained non-stop since last night. The strong winds were still blowing and the sea was still choppy. According to the hotel owner,  the cyclone bypassed Mahebourg last night. Lucky me again!

Decided to just roam around Mahebourg town as I was informed that Port Louis, which is the capital of Mauritius is experiencing heavy rains throughout the day. One of my favourite places to visit in any cities or towns is the wet markets, as it is always colourful and I could mix and blend in with the real ‘locals’. I walked to town passing a lot of debris and rubbish that was strewn on the muddy roads and had to avoid potholes that were filled up overnight by both the rain and sea water.

Entrance to Mahebourg market.
The market on a rainy day.

Fresh coconuts

Fruits of the season.
Okra anyone?


Satisfied customer.

Colourful sarees.
Getting ready for Thaipusam

The lost traveller in the market.

Customer and seller in discussion.


Dried pickled fish.
Upon arrival at the wet market, it started to rain cats and dogs, so  I took refuge in the covered section of the market which was crowded with people. While waiting for the rain to stop, I noticed that the sundry shops were full of colourful dresses, garlands and sweets for the coming Thaipusam festival where the Indian community which makes up the majority of the town, would be celebrating it in Mahebourg. It made the ambience of the market more colourful, The rain finally stopped but there was still a bit of a drizzle though so I continued my walk around the sections of the market where fresh fruits, vegetables, dried and fresh fish were displayed at booths waiting to be purchased by the customers. I spent another forty-five minutes walking around the market before deciding to walk around town to look for an ATM machine to get some much needed Mauritian Rupees.

After the thunderstorm, Mahebourg.

Abandon street houses, Mahebourg.

Liquor shop @ Mahebourg.

Sweets stall.

Market area, Mahebourg.

Snack shop @ Mahebourg Town.
Street in Mahebourg.
Walking slowly around Mahebourg showed me that the town did not have new developments except for a few buildings that were undergoing renovations turning them into hotels. There were quite a few  abandoned buildings, shops and houses too along the main road and back lanes of the town. There were a lot of shops that have closed down as well and the ones that were still in business  were only to cater to the needs of the locals with only a few for tourists. (Maybe it is the low tourist season.) I noticed too that the resorts were mainly catered to the 50 plus age range tourists as there were no signs of any backpackers in town. 
As it started to rain again, I hurriedly walked back to the hotel only to find that the wifi service there had broken down due to the thunderstorm last night. I hoped that it would be a clear and sunny day tomorrow as I planned to spend the day visiting  Port Louis. 
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