Windhoek Railway Station.
As expected, the bus arrived Windhoek three hours off the scheduled time. Disembarking the bus, I walked as fast as I could to the ticket office and managed to obtain one of the few tickets that were available for the next destination to Swakopmund. The ticket teller informed me that the bus to Swakopmund would depart late as other connecting passengers to Swakopmund were on another bus that was still on it’s way from Botswana. The anxiety caused by the whole incident the night before disappeared as she said that. Whew!!! I had time to roam around the surrounding areas looking for bites for breakfast. The bus that carried the other connecting passengers arrived two hours later and the time taken for them to be transferred to the bus to Swakopmund took another hour. After waiting for that  period of time, I was finally on my way.

New found friend along the way.
Entering the Namib Desert.
My hostel in Swakopmund.
The journey to Swakopmund took around five and a half hours passing the Namib desert which was a totally new experience for me. Totally bare and dry with a few trees beside the road. We arrived Swakopmund approaching dusk and I was left alone at the bus station. I had a steak for my dinner at a nearby shopping complex as most of the shops in town were closed as it was the low season. Took a cab to the hostel where I met new friends that I would spending the next twelve days with them. They invited me to join them for dinner but I declined as I just had mine and needed a good bath. Did a little bit of calculation and it was thirty-six hours since my last one! Looking forward for tomorrow and felt excited as a school boy the whole night …..

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