Himba Tribe
Woke up early and enjoyed the hot shower in the chilling morning weather . Organised myself and Benson pitch down my tent showing the me way how to fold it. One of the unwritten rules in this overland trip is that breakfast wont be served until all tents were pitched down and placed it into the “Monster” and all the participants of this trip were sporting enough to adhere to this unwritten rule despite whom they are (most were professionals) and how old they were (the oldest was a couple that were 60 plus). The chores that was detailed to us participants were also strictly adhere to and this made the bondage among us more closer.
Himba tribe youngsters
Fooling around
Selling tribe products
As usual just after the Monster engine started to roar , Dumi would give his daily briefing as today we would visit a Himba tribe village and reminded us that photography is allowed at the village with a fixed donation of 10 Namibian Dollars per person.We arrived at the Himba village which was a big disappointment to me as there were only a few houses and a stall selling the tribes products such as bracelets , ear rings and other woman personal stuff . Nothing to shout about here and the only thing that I enjoyed was playing with the Himba tribe kids. After spending more then thirty minutes at the village we were on the way to Okaukuejo which is one of the entrance to the Etosha National Park where we would spend three nights there.


Outjo Town
Outjo Tourist centre
Road to Okaukuejo , Etosha National Park
We made a brief stop at the town of Outjo where we bought supplies and extra food to supplement the meals for the next three days at Etosha National Park. Roamed around Outjo just for thirty minutes looking for a ATM where cash is needed for paying the “extra messing” at the camps and also paying for optional game drives that were offered.
Lodge @ Okaukuejo
Lodge dining area
Lodge restaurant
Restaurant @ the Lodge
Bar tender @ the Lodge
My tent
After dinner discussion
We arrived at the Okaukuejo lodge looking for the campsite that was located for our group . As we reached the location of the campsite , we pitched up our tents and afterwards I roamed around the lodge area where I could find 5 stars accommodation and facilities i.e restaurants , swimming pools and a well stocked up bar. I had a few cans of diet coke there and returned to the campsite as my duty for the night was preparing , I mean assisting Benson readying food for dinner . Dinner was served and after finishing most of us then adjourned back to our tents. A few of us sat down playing Scrabble and catching up on the internet and having a few cups of coffee before retiring for the night as tomorrow we would start our Safari at the Etosha National Park …..


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