Wa la la po ( Good Morning )

Woke up to a dark and gloomy morning, in terms of the weather  that is, but I’m not complaining here as it could have been worse ..counting my blessings as always. We had a late morning start for the  drive as most of us were tired due to yesterday’s activities and after the usual morning briefing by Dumi the “Monster” roared to life and off we went. I looked forward for the day and In shaa Allah (God Willingly)  I would be able to view more species of animals especially the leopard and more of the rhinoceros despite having a thirty second brush with one last night  and also a game kill by the big cats ….wishful thinking here .

Morning daily briefing from Dumi.

The Pride.

Snoozing Time

Unsocial Lioness


Game was in abundance but it was the usual zebras, giraffes, sprinboks, impalas … and our eyes were strained to the limit  looking out for the leopards and rhinoceros, gazing through the open green savannah and hoping to spot those two elusive animals.We spotted a pride of lions though,  that were having their afternoon siesta, there were about fifteen of them including cubs lazing around among the bushes just beside the road ….The head of the pride was in the middle and snoozing away as usual ….

The vast Etosha Pan Salt Lake @ Etosha National Park.

Etosha Pan

Left my footprints

Savannah Tortoise (Dead)

As the day got darker, still desperately looking for the Rhinoceros and Leopards we made a turn to the Etosha Pan (Salt lake) which were mostly dry on the surfaced filled with hexagon shaped cracks on it. It was a bit slimy and slippery when one walks on it as sometimes when it rains it is covered with a shallow sheet of water. Gazing at the vastness of the Etosha Pan , which could be seen clearly from space I just wondered how the tribes that lived here millions of years survived the hardship of travelling from point to point across the vast pan and living in this harsh conditions.


Waterhole @ Etosha National Park


Red Hartebeest

The elusive and shy Black Rhino


End of the Safari

The clouds were ready to explode as we left the park  and on the way out, herds of antelopes mainly the Red Hartebeest  were in abundance, a few hyenas were looking around for game, small herds of elephants walking through the Savannah and suddenly a pair of the black hinoceros popped out of nowhere beside the road grazing on  the leaves of the trees. All hell broke loose on the ‘Monster’ as everyone snatched their camera’s, jostling around the windows and trying their best to get that ‘Perfect Shot’ and I can’t blame them. That made my day and now only the cheetahs / leopards are the ones the have evaded us during our game drive.

As were were approaching the exit, the clouds burst and it rained heavily ….Nothing to complain here as the sight of the two black rhinoceros made my day … I can’t ask for more … Alhamdulillah ( Praise to be Allah ).

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