The Okavango Delta

I was so relieved that we departed the lodge and campsite at Ghanzni as I did not enjoy every minute I was there. As for today, we are heading for the Okavango Delta which is a very huge or very large swampy delta formed from water from the Okavango river which has no outlets to the sea. The size of the Okovango Delta spreads out over to 5,800 sg miles where 11 cubic kilometres of water are in the Delta itself. The water at this delta would eventually dry up or excess flood waters would drain to the nearby Lake Ngami. Okavango Delta has also been accredited with the UNESCO Heritage site by the United Nations in 2014. The journey from Ghanzni to Maun is like being in a park where elephants and giraffes roamed freely in the middle and along the road. The feeling was much better then yesterday as I could view the animals in their natural habitat.   We stopped at the town of Maun for food and supplies and also did some banking as we did not have the opportunity to change some Botswana ‘Pula’ (currency) in Ghanzi.

The Okavango Delta.

Two ‘gentlemen’ Matt and Dumi.

The Cavalry has arrived.

We reached the lodge around noon and there were no plans slated for the day but we had to pitch our tents fast as the weather was dark and cloudy and then Dumi mentioned about scenic joy flights over the Delta and wondered if we were interested in doing that. The response was overwhelming as most of us wanted to do it . After pitching our tents and a quick lunch we boarded the ‘Monster’ but  as we were about to leave the lodge, the skies opened up and heavy rain suddenly fell. The dirt roads along the camp area was flooded and as we were on the way out the ‘Monster’  got lodged in a big puddle and was immobilized. Dumi and Matt tried valiantly to free the ‘Monster’ but their efforts were all in vain. It took another truck to get the Monster out of the puddle. The plan for the joy flights were cancelled but it was a blessing in disguise that we did not do it as the weather, to me, was very unsafe for flying. We just spent the rest of the day at the bar of the lodge and looking forward for the next day as we were going to spend the night on an island in the Delta.

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