Elephant Sands (Botswana)

Lunch break between Maun and Nata.

After an enjoyable past three days, I promised myself that I am not going to complain anymore of the remaining days of this African trip of mine if there were any other places or things that do turn out as planned. After passing by villages along the way throughout this journey, I noticed that I am blessed than most of the people on earth… some of them have never been out of their villages more so out of their country and here I am, complaining about a non- productive day where  I should have been thankful. The next destination on our journey is to a lodge called Elephant Sands which is in between Nata and Kasane,  where located  in the centre of the lodge, is a pond where herds of elephants congregate to drink water along their migration path as advertised by the lodge’s website http://www.natalodge.net/elephantSands.html .

Road from Maun to Nata.

Waiting for the elephants.

Still waiting for the elephants.

Local bird.


Being stood up by the elephants.

As we pitched our tents, I had tea and started to wait patiently for the elephants by the pond. There was an optional game drive where we could see herds of elephants in close proximity of the lodge. I opted out of the tour as I could view the elephants up close and personal by the pond as boasted by the staffs of the lodge. Waited and waited and I started to read a book while waiting for the elephants to show up but when dusk nearly settled I realized the elephants were not coming to the pond.  I have been stood up by the elephants !!! Period. Well, we can’t have everything our way. The staff explained since it rained heavily last night the elephants might have found other pools in close proximity of the lodge. This was confirmed by other travellers who went on the game drive confirming they saw herds of elephants in nearby newly created pools. No wonder the staff were promoting the game drive like crazy . Win some Lose some………

Day 18

Kasane (Botswana)

The road to Kasane.

I still felt good even after the elephants stood me up yesterday … maybe they had a better pond to drink at along the way. The next stop was the town of Kasane. One thing that is unique about Kasane is where at one point in between the river between Kasane and Kazungula in neighbouring Zambia …we could see four countries Namibia on the West, Zambia towards the North, Zimbabwe on the eastern side and Botswana down in the south. The other is the entry point for the famed Chobe National Park. The journey to Kasane was the same as any drive in Botswana where we could see herds of zebras, giraffes and a few elephants along the road. A public game park !!

Kasane town mall.

Open market which was closing.

Our campsite beside the mighty Zambezi.

Benson and Dumi gearing up for tea.

T-shirt designs for souvenirs.

We reached the town of Kasane and stopped  to get some supplies and cash. I did some shopping as I left my head lamp at the Maun campsite. After reaching our campsite on the banks of the Zambezi,  hippopotamuses and crocodiles roamed around as what was mentioned by Dumi ..it gave me goosebumps when I checked the fencing around the campsite and found them rusty, broken and in a deplorable condition. I hoped that Dumi was only joking but Benson concurred with Dumi’s statement on a serious note. Ouch !!! After lunch we had free time for the rest of the day and I asked Dumi if there were some optional activities for the day. He mentioned about a river cruise but he said that was already planned for us tomorrow before spending the night in the Chobe National Park .

Nothing much that I can do for the rest of the day except for lounging in the bar and watching cricket that was live on the satellite TV and also reading books that I brought for the trip. No complains here …….



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