The leopard’s calling card.

The weather was still wet, raining but not as heavy when I woke up. As we took down our tents which I paid someone else to do it, breakfast was ready as we had to leave early. We wanted to do another game drive at the park as time was not on our side and some of us had to catch a flight out of Victoria Falls as early as 6am tomorrow morning. The day’s plan was to go for a short game drive, then back to Kasane campsite, hop on the Monster, cross over the border to Zimbabwe and for those who has to be on tomorrow’s early morning flight would visit the Victoria Falls. I don’t have to rush as I would be leaving for Livingstone, Zambia to continue my Southern African Sojourn which would last another fifty days …. InsyaAllah ( God Willing).

As we left the camp, the driver of our truck stopped the vehicle and showed us leopard tracks on the wet sand. Looks like they left us their calling card for us to know that they were nearly up close and personal with us. It was about twenty metres away from our camp . Ah …. I was thanking my lucky stars that I brought an empty plastic bottle last night ..phew ..

Close for comfort.

With John, one of the local guides.

As we arrived at the Kasane campsite from the game drive, the ‘Monster’ was already loaded with all our equipment by the local guides that was with us last night and also acting as our sentries only armed with long pieces of wood …Said my goodbyes with the local guides and thanking them with a small tip for their extra effort to keep us safe last night. Boarded the ‘Monster’ for the last time as this was going to be the last ride on it as it was the last day of the tour. I surely would miss it as I rode it through the deserts of Namibia, Etosha National Park, Okavango National Park and Chobe National Park just to name a few ……

Lorries @  the Kazungula Border post heading to Zambia

We crossed the border at the Kazungula border post which is also one of the entrances to the Zambezi National Park. We had to wait for quite a while as all of us except me had to apply for a Visa On Arrival visa. I was the only one exempted from applying and paying for the Arrival Visa as Malaysians are given free visa on arrival. The process took more then an hour. The ‘Monster’ roared it’s engines and off we went through the Zambezi National Park to Victoria Falls town.

Our last campsite.

Victoria Falls town.

Old Zambezi train carriage.

Disembarked the ‘Monster’ for the very last time and quickly pitched our tents and straight to lunch. Some of those who are leaving tomorrow morning quickly made a dash to the Victoria Falls as time was very limited for them. I opted out to visit the falls tomorrow morning and decided to walk around town where herds of zebras and groups of  warthogs were running around along the main street . Wow !!!. This is Africa! I walked along town and I had to walk back to the campsite as I had encountered a bad attack of stomach ache. I rested for a while as tonight all of us are going to have dinner together at a fancy local restaurant ..sort of a farewell dinner thingy…

Farewell dinner.

We walked to the restaurant  late evening and the herds of zebras were still plying the town … I enjoyed a nice kudu steak which was tastier than the zebra steak which I had in Windhoek on my birthday. After dinner and coffee, most of us, mainly the youngster’s went out on a bar crawl which was limited and the rest stayed on for more coffee . As we were walking  back to the campsite, a taxi driver warned us that there might be herds of elephants along the way back to the campsite but we suspected it was one of his sales pitch for us to  use his taxi. After a few minutes of walking, there it was … a herd of elephants that was quite near to us walking along the main road. We just stood still until the herd has passed  us … Yes . This is Really Africa ….


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