Banks of the Zambezi

The plan for today was to hop on the Zambezi river cruise and then proceed to the Chobe National Park (CNP) where we are going to spend the night in the open bush. We took down our tents that was going to be pitched up by workers in the CNP and had to store our valuables in the ‘Monster’ which would be stationed at the campsite as it was too big a vehicle to enter the CNP.

Start of the Zambezi river cruise.

Tour Guide.

Roan Antelope.


Another Springbok.


The first twenty minutes of the river cruise was concentrated at the banks of the Zambezi River where there were hundreds of antelopes of various species roaming along it. The common species were the Springbok and also a few of the roan antelope species. As we entered the main Zambezi river, the landscape and the species of animals changed.

Across the river.

Family with a calf.

Peek a Boo !

Enjoying the water.


Living in harmony.


Wild Ducks.

Getting the best shot.

Helping hand.


Family members.

Nile crocodile.


As we entered the river proper, I was stunned with what I saw… there were hundreds of elephants in the distance from full figured ones to small dots of black spots further down the banks of the river …the sight sent shivers through my spine in witnessing this moment. I was pinching myself a few times. There were also hippopotamuses, the Nile crocodiles, zebras , cape buffaloes in or on the banks of the Zambezi and migratory birds flying above us. Really felt the excitement of the moment. The thought of being here witnessing the animals in their own natural habitat was really awesome as the long moments of being patient finally paid off.  I could not ask for more except for the leopards or cheetahs. As the river cruise ended we then boarded an open air truck to take us into the Chobe National Park ….Leopards please …….

….Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) ……


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