Yours truly @ the Sedudu entrance of the Chobe National Park.

After the Zambezi river cruise, I looked forward for the game drive and spending the night in the Chobe National Park. After registering our details at the entrance to the park for safety and security reasons, we started the game drive on long and winding dirt roads and I just wished to myself that we could encounter the ever elusive leopard or cheetah. Dumi advised us to look at short and bushy trees where the leopards or the cheetah would be, either snoozing on the branches or lurking in between the grassland waiting for a potential meal to pass through.

One of Chobe National Park’s entrance at Sedudu.

The view from the truck.

Grassland of  Chobe National Park.

Tall couple.

Friends together.

It did not take long for us to encounter the animals in the park … it was less than three minutes when we encountered herds of zebras and a few species of antelopes grazing the grassland. There was also lots of giraffes that were grazing leaves on tall trees ….The ever abundant elephants were in small ponds filled with the hippopotamuses which were lazing in the cold mud to keep them cool against the hot humid weather but with the presence of dark clouds in the near distance, I was sure that It would be raining heavily soon ……. Our eyes were strained looking at nearby trees trying to spot the elusive leopard or cheetah …..

Perching vulture.

Snoozing fox.

Sleazy meerkats.


Lurking hippopotamus.

Handsome couple.

Mr . Hippo



Springboks and baboons.

Among friends.


We continued to encounter different kinds of animals such as the predatory birds … the vultures and eagles, foxes, warthog, meerkats and also the sable antelope. There was also a herd of springboks and a group of baboons together in the grassland. A nice sight to see that animals of different species could trust each other without having second thoughts. it was a also an experience to be remembered to see animals in great numbers in their own natural habitat trying to survive daily. But still, nowhere was the leopard or cheetah in sight …..

Birds nest.

Our truck.

The Zambezi.

Unfriendly skies.

End of a beautiful day.

The weather turned for the worse as suddenly it rained so heavily that we had to cut short our game drive. We proceeded to our prepared campsite with our personal tents already pitched. Dinner was served and an advise or warning was passed on to us that we should refrain from using the open air toilets at night as there were dangerous animals lurking around the campsite. My experience in the army prepared me any eventualities as I prepared myself an empty plastic bottle which I used during the night ….. 🙂 . No leopards or cheetahs ….

It was an eventful day for me …. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah).

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