Defunct Cinema  ‘The Capitol ‘.

The plan for the swim at Devils Pool was not meant to be even if was still being allowed as  they would have cancelled it as it was raining heavily this morning. All I could do was to spend the rest of the day at Livingstone town and the worst part, today is a Sunday. I would expect that most shops would be closed for the day but come to think of it there would be less traffic in Livingstone and I might have the town to myself.

Livingstone Main Street

Deserted main street, Livingstone.

High Court Building, Livingstone.

Empty streets of Livingstone.

Took a taxi to Livingstone town, walked the streets filled with shops that were closed except for a few delis that were serving lunch for the churchgoers who had finished the morning services. Withdrew some Zambian ‘Kwachas’  at the nearby ATM as I needed the local currency while I’m in Zambia. Wandered around for a couple of hours more and I managed to locate the local bus station in order for me to purchase my bus ticket for the ride to Lusaka tomorrow morning.

Shops that opens on a Sunday.

Garage office, Livingstone.

Where to now?

Sunday afternoon, Livingstone.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in Livingstone.

One of the few shops that are open.

BOB, bus ticketing agent, Livingstone.

Bus ticket to Lusaka.

Traders at Livingstone bus station.

Stalls along the alleyways of the Livingstone bus station.

River boat cruising on the Zambezi.

Tranquil moments by the Zambezi river banks.

Dusk by the Zambezi.

Feeling bored, I went back to my hotel, had the normal tea and watched the day go by slowly on the banks of the Zambezi where I felt relaxed after the last twenty one days on the road. Lounged by myself at the bar to watch the live telecast of the League Cup Final between Manchester United and Southampton where the ‘Rags’ won, luckily with a 3-2 win of a controversially disallowed goal scored by Southampton.



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