Morning at Livingstone bus station.

My sleeping habits have changed for the past two nights as I have a real bed now after 12 nights sleeping on a padded plastic foam mattress. With the recent cold mornings due to the rainy season I woke up late today. I just had ninety minutes to catch my bus to Lusaka. Had a quick jungle bath and began to pack my things. The receptionist booked me a taxi to the Livingstone bus station and off I went, only to find out that the bus taking me to Lusaka has yet to arrive. Phew!….. Strolled along the stalls near the bus station trying to find something that I could eat for breakfast and munch on the bus ride. Managed to get some boiled eggs and bananas which I finished them  in a jiffy. The bus arrived thirty minutes late but the boarding process was quick. Sat at my designated seat which was exactly behind the driver. As the engine roared to life I uttered a small prayer for a safe and less untoward incidents during this bus ride of mine to Lusaka which would take about seven and a half to eight hours. In shaa Allah (God Willing)

Start of the business week.

Patiently waiting for the arrival of the bus.


Pit stop at Kalomo Town, Zambia.

Bored passengers.

The first pit stop was after two and a half hours at the town of Kalomo where more passengers boarded. I managed to roam around the town for about 10 minutes. After riding for more than thirty minutes we were stopped by the Zambian Immigration Authorities as they were conducting checks on illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries. They checked my passport and asked me why I only had the immigration entry stamp only not the proper visa sticker. I explained to them that Malaysians need not apply for a visa as Malaysians are allowed to enter Zambia visa free. The officers then explained to me that I do need to have a visa to gain entry to Zambia but when I tried to explain to them again, they took my passport and made a phone call to their headquarters in Lusaka. I know that they were up to something fishy but after twenty minutes they returned my passport without any explanation. I  delayed this bus for more than half and hour. I just pity the other passengers but they understood my plight.

Stalls along the road to Lusaka.

Another pit stop at Choma, Zambia.

Choma Town, Zambia.

Fancy a hair wash?

Showing off his catch at Mazabuka town.

The bus made a few more stops along the way to pick up and drop off passengers. I did my calculation of the delay on the bus arrival, the stop in Kalomo and other towns plus the immigration check, I would arrive in Lusaka in the late evening where it’s not the very best time to arrive in this parts of the world. Well, let it be …Everything happens for a reason. It could have been worse if the bus came much later then the scheduled departure time. No complaints as long I arrive safely, that’s the main point.

Wefie time !!!!

Entering Lusaka province.

Outskirts of Lusaka.

The bus reached Lusaka nearly two hours late and it was approaching night time. As I disembarked from the bus, scores of people were rushing towards me – taxi drivers, porters, bus and travel agents but luckily for me, the bus conductor who looked concerned about my safety pulled me up onto the bus again, made me sit down and asked me where my next destination was and as I explained to him the whereabouts of my accommodation, he then called a taxi driver to take me to my hostel and fixed a price for my journey. Wow! … Zambians are nice people. Later, I found out from the hostel receptionist that what I had paid to the taxi driver was more then twice the normal fare! Hahaha…  I got scammed !!!! ..Welcome to Lusaka !!!!

Checked in to the hostel which is owned by an Australian lady that has lived in Lusaka for the past fourteen years, got myself a room which was a bit over priced and also handed in my clothes to be cleaned. I planned to spend two nights here but I have to decide by tomorrow  whether to proceed with Plan A which was all the way up to Addis Ababa which the trip would be around eighty days or Plan B which down south to Cape Town on a a forty days journey. Let it be …

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