Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 8 – Swakopmund to Uis

 Namib Desert, Namibia ( Picture credit: Terri Turriff) Woke up early morning after a sound sleep last night as the two really...
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Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 7 – Windhoek / Swakopmund

Windhoek Railway Station. As expected, the bus arrived Windhoek three hours off the scheduled time. Disembarking the bus, I walked as fast as I...
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Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 6 – Cape Town / Windhoek

Scheduled for twenty two hours  The day finally arrived where I will be starting my trip on mainland Africa. Toffar woke me up...
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Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 5 – Mauritius / Cape Town

Exiting Cape Town airport. Normally, I would take a flight at night in order for me to save on accommodation but alas, all the flights to Cape Town...
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Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 4 – Mauritius

Blue Bay pier. My last full day in Mauritius was a very short one for me due to the weather again. The plan was to hire a car for a full day as I...
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Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 3 – Mauritius

Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis.   Before sleeping last night, I vowed that even a rainy day won't stop me from visiting Port Louis today but I...
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Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 2 – Mauritius

Sunrise at Mahebourg, Mauritius. I didn't sleep well as the strong winds were crashing against the sliding glass door  that separates the room...
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Europe Day 26 2011 Barecelona – Doha

Waiting for the bus to El Pratt Airport Barcelona 5 Nov 2011 I walked to the Plaza de Catalunya from the hostel which took me about ten minutes. On arrival I found that the Airport bus stand was full of people. I thought being early would get me on the first bus. I...

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Europe Day 25 2011 Barcelona

Barcelona Harbour 4 Nov 2011 It suddenly rained heavily as the bus reached Barcelona Nord. I still had one destination which was on my list for the trip which was Andorra, a small country that is located between France and Spain. But due to the weather factor and the...

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Europe Day 24 2011 Marseille

Notre Dame de la Garde Marseille 3 Nov 2011 Razip dropped me at the Aix bus station where I boarded the bus to Marseille which was about forty minutes away. The effects of  good food and bed is still there as I only realised that the bus has already reached...

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Europe Day 23 2011 Aix de Provence

2 Nov 2011 Aix de Provence Town center The effects of last nights dinner took its toll as I was feeling lazy in waking up early ... no complaints here as the food and the bed last night was totally different than those I had for the past two weeks. I walked downstairs...

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Europe Day 23 2011 Cannes

Cannes 1 Nov 2011 The reason that I chose Cannes over Nice was that Cannes was smaller than Nice and I would have time covering most of Cannes but I was wrong. As I reached the Cannes railway station, it was full of Police, French Commandos, sniffer dogs etc, etc and...

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Europe Day 23 2011 Menton

Menton Beach 1 Nov 2011 I arrived at the hotel and requested a late check out at 12.30 pm but the receptionist replied that 12.30 pm was not possible but 1pm was and he smiled. I replied with a warm thank you. My day was getting better. Started walking around Menton...

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Europe Day 23 2011 Monaco

Beau Rivage Monaco 1 Nov 2011 I was really excited when I found out that Monaco was just two stations away from Menton. Monaco the playground of the rich was a dream destination for me. The Monaco Grand Prix is the only Grand Prix race that I will not try to miss on...

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Europe Day 22 2011 Genoa

Genoa 31 Oct 2011 I had three hours in Genoa but with only an hour of daylight left for me to check Genoa out. The first thing that I did wasto  look out for an ATM. Found a few of them but the transactions did not go through. Italy is the only country that my...

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Europe Day 22 2011 Milan

Milan Airport31 Oct 2011I was enjoying the view of the Balkans from the aircraft. I could recognize the outline of the coast of Montenegro and Croatia as I had been looking at it countless of times on Google maps while preparing for this trip . I saw the small cove...

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Europe Day 22 2011 Thessaloniki

Waiting for the Airport Bus Thessaloniki 31 Oct 2011 I had an early morning as I planned to walk around the city before leaving for the Airport. It was an early morning flight and I had just a couple of hours to walk around the city. I left the hotel at 6 am and...

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Europe Day 21 2011 Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Sea Front Promenade 30 Oct 2011 As the bus arrived at the Main Bus Station in Thessaloniki I felt some sense of pride in  as I managed to overcome the "obstacles" that I faced today. Mistakes made and lessons learned the hard way. Good experience...

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Europe Day 21 2011 Skopje to Thessaloniki

Skopje to Gevgelija 30 Oct 2011 I did not sleep that night as I was worried that I would miss the mini bus to Thessaloniki knowing my past experience in missing morning flights. I refreshed myself and the owners brother called in a taxi for me . I thanked him and left...

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