Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 8 – Swakopmund to Uis

 Namib Desert, Namibia ( Picture credit: Terri Turriff) Woke up early morning after a sound sleep last night as the two really 'heavy'...

Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 7 – Windhoek / Swakopmund

Windhoek Railway Station. As expected, the bus arrived Windhoek three hours off the scheduled time. Disembarking the bus, I walked as fast as I...

Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 6 – Cape Town / Windhoek

Scheduled for twenty two hours  The day finally arrived where I will be starting my trip on mainland Africa. Toffar woke me up early and...

Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 5 – Mauritius / Cape Town

Exiting Cape Town airport. Normally, I would take a flight at night in order for me to save on accommodation but alas, all the flights to Cape Town...

Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 4 – Mauritius

Blue Bay pier. My last full day in Mauritius was a very short one for me due to the weather again. The plan was to hire a car for a full day as I...

Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 3 – Mauritius

Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis.   Before sleeping last night, I vowed that even a rainy day won't stop me from visiting Port Louis today but I awoke...

Southern African Sojourn 2017 – Day 2 – Mauritius

Sunrise at Mahebourg, Mauritius. I didn't sleep well as the strong winds were crashing against the sliding glass door  that separates the room and...

Papua New Guinea 2015 – Vanimo

Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. After receiving an offer from a friend that he wanted me to assist him in his business in Papua New Guinea,  I  googled basic information from the internet about the towns in Papua New Guinea. Port Moresby looks interesting, nice seafood. Lae...

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Sri Lanka 2015 – Colombo – Day 6

The old Colombo Airport. As with any trips of mine I would make sure that I plan to visit someplace or indulge in any activities that would make my trip a memorable and an enjoyable one. This trip to Sri Lanka was based on two  - swimming with the whales and a visit...

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Sri Lanka 2015 – Colombo – Day 5

Pettah market trader . There is a saying ' leave when you are winning' but I did not adhere to it and still continued to push my luck and I won though. The frequency of patronizing the casino took its toll as I just got up at midday. Refreshed myself and had a quick...

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Sri Lanka 2015 – Colombo – Day 1

Sri Lankan Parliament Building, Colombo. Why Sri Lanka? The main reason?  I was offered a "ZERO" points ticket by Air Asia BIG loyalty program despite having enough "BIG" points for the normal flight ticket. Cheap traveller ? Nah! Just getting the best of the deals...

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